Welcome to the Opentactics Facilitator Guide!

This Guide is for anyone leading a group of open government leaders in a discussion.

Your discussion participants include civil society and government. Your objective is to bring the group to consensus around shared challenges and design ways to address these challenges.

The Guide will walk you through three steps, but it is up to you to use it whatever way is most useful for your context. Each of the three steps includes:

  • A set of prompts to spur discussion in your group (including blank spaces for you to enter responses)
  • Talking points for you to use as you lead the discussion
  • Examples to illustrate a possible outcomes and responses.

When you finish the guide, you will have the option to receive a copy of your responses via email. You also have the option to include your responses in the Open Tactics Library, so that others can learn from your discussion and ideas.  

We are here to support you. We know that facilitation can be difficult and that there is no one-size-fits-all way of doing it.Schedule a call with us here, or send us an email at opentactics@theengineroom.org to chat more.

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