Becoming an Open Government Influencer

A Beginner’s Guide to Enabling Open Government

This resource is developed by and for open government influencers - civil servants and civil society representatives seeking to collaboratively make governance processes transparent, participatory and accountable. It follows their joint journeys in navigating challenges to creating an enabling environment for open government. The original guidance includes recommendations and experiences from experienced leaders in Europe and Central Asia.

To become an open government influencer, this resource suggests following three broad steps:


Reflect on constraints, build core competencies

Collaboration and co-creation require active listening, empathy, and open-mindedness. As an influencer you want to create change, but it necessitates learning new, and leveraging existing, core competencies - a combination of skills, attitudes and knowledge.



Identify and prioritise shared challenges

Whether you are a civil servant or a civil society representative, you know all too well what hinders you from strengthening transparency, accountability, and participation in your contexts. And while your challenges can be unique, some are shared across countries and from national to subnational.



Develop processes for programs and policies

When you confront a grand challenge as an open government influencer, you need to work with what you have to overcome it. Some of you focus on policy, while others of you on programs or projects. Either way, you are creating processes to guide your practice.